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“I’ve been involved in trio performance since high school, powerfully attracted to the combination of piano, bass, and drums, and have recorded most frequently in this format. The piano, a “string-cussion” instrument, has an affinity for both bass and drums, and all three together ideally create an equilateral triangle of great flexibility, mutuality, and stability. With musicians of the caliber of Buster and Matt, the music is truly wide open and constantly evolving.” Denny Zeitlin

Buster Williams, bass; Denny Zeitlin, piano; Matt Wilson, drums

Denny Zeitlin, piano

Pianist-composer-psychiatrist Denny Zeitlin first came to international prominence in the 60s with a series of ground breaking Columbia recordings. He has since recorded over thirty albums; twice won first place in the Down Beat International Jazz Critics Poll; written original music for Sesame Street; appeared on Network TV, including CBS Sunday Morning and repeats on the Tonight Show; and composed the critically acclaimed electronic-acoustic symphonic score for “Invasion of the Body Snatchers”. He has concertized throughout the U.S., Canada, Japan, and Europe, and has appeared with jazz greats such as Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Pat Metheny, Bobby Hutcherson, Charlie Haden, Marian McPartland, David Friesen, David Grisman, and many others. He has led a succession of world-class trios since his recording debut in the sixties. His work prompted the Los Angeles Times to remark “ He is the jazz world’s most visible renaissance man—a full time practicing psychiatrist, a medical school teacher, and a world-class musician.”

Buster Williams, bass / Matt Wilson, drums

Buster Williams (left) and Matt Wilson (right) are on the “short list” of most highly sought jazz musicians in the world. In the many years of their contributions to the jazz scene, they have appeared on hundreds of albums and performed around the globe with players that constitute a “who’s who” of jazz. Buster Williams is particularly well known for his work with Sonny Stitt, Sarah Vaughan, Nancy Wilson, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock. His awards include a Grammy and a NEA grant. Matt Wilson has made contributions to a wide stylistic array of artists, including Dewey Redman, Janis Siegal, Michael Brecker, Fred Hersch, and Lee Konitz. In the late 90s, he was named “Best New Artist” by the New York Jazz Critics Circle, chosen by Downbeat Magazine as one of “The 25 for the Future,” and won first place in their critics’ poll in 2003-2006. In addition to their collaborations with other musicians, both Buster and Matt lead and record with their own groups.


Latest Trio CD:




Mr. P.C. (Coltrane) (12:45)
  Part 1 (5:55)
    Soundclip "A section of the opening piano solo, showing how this trio burns at up
  Part 2 (6:50)
    Soundclip "The piano ushers in the new tempo of part 2, bass & drums join in for
    choruses of minor blues."

All of You (Porter) (11:26) 
    Soundclip"Trading 8's with Matt, to the final thematic statement."

Signs & Wonders (Friesen) (6:47)
    Soundclip "Here's a taste of the theme & initial solo in this bluesy shuffle composition by
    David Friesen.."


Recent Live Trio Performances

“There was a sense of play, creativity and boldness; one felt the power of improvisation as a skill and as an almost philosophical endeavor.”


“Merging a 1960s-‘70s jazz sensibility with a profound awareness of classical-piano history and technique, Zeitlin remains a gloriously unconventional player. In general, he pursues an unlikely array of musical idioms, apparently oblivious to musical fashion or trend…exquisitely, uniquely Zeitlin.”


Latest CD: Trio In Concert (Sunnyside)

“None of the trios in Dr. Zeitlin's long history of recording are more stunning than the current one with bassist Williams and Matt Wilson, an explosive drummer heavily in demand in jazz. Their "In Concert" CD (Sunnyside Records) catches Dr. Zeitlin, at age 70, in his musical prime and his trio afire.”

Doug Ramsey, Wall Street Journal, March 12, 2009

“From a bustling race through Mr. P.C. to an extended examination of The Night Has 1000 Eyes, the pianist’s latest disc is all about dynamic breadth. It’s a reminder that he’s adept at selling both the fabulous flourish and the probing audit. Of course, it helps when your backup team is gifted at nuance. Bassist Buster Williams and drummer Matt Wilson follow Zeitlin down every rabbit hole and up every flag pole.”

Jim Macnie, Village Voice, March 6, 2009

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